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New App Feature: Post Directly to GHIN


Available for golfers with valid GHIN Handicap Membership (USGA)

Taking advantage of our digital scorecard to keep your score? Well now you can take it a step further and POST that score directly to GHIN. All you need is a valid GHIN Handicap Membership (USGA) and you'll be able to:

  • Login with your GHIN credentials to Post a score directly from the scorecard feature when you have completed a round in the app.
  • This will post the Hole-by-Hole scores to your GHIN account, which is something GHIN and the USGA are emphasizing (this is assuming you've recorded hole-by-hole scores in the app).
  • You can view a history of recently posted scores via the app.
  • You can also see what their current Handicap Index is, which can change daily based on posted scores.
  • After your initial login to post a score, the app will persist access making future posting even easier!

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